Healing Your Spiritual Heart

Sara has the “dream life.” She earns a six figure income, has the classic 2.5 family; a boy, a girl and a dog. She has a husband who adores her, he even cooks and takes her out on dates. She is a well respected Trustee in the church, beloved in her family and supported with loyal friends. However, she felt unfulfilled, felt a void in her heart and even secretly lonely at times. Sara was grateful, but felt as though she was about to explode.

Heart health healing allowed her to dig deeper into her heart and guided her to reveal and heal hidden, unforgiven trauma. After her sessions, she was able to experience inner peace.

A coaching session would help her:

  • Integrate lifestyle changes for maintaining balance in the three hearts
  • Explore 7 steps in the spiritual healing process
  • Receive practical healing tools and exercises for daily use


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  • Healing Process
  • Qi Gong Movements
  • Emotional Release Techniques
  • Energy Clearing Therapy
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  • Self-Discovery
  • Life challenge Balance
  • Motivational Intervention
  • Introspective Analysis
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  • Relaxation Practices
  • Guided Meditation
  • Breath Exercises
  • Stress Control
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